Starting Tim Tebow: The Practice Player vs. The Game Player


Remember Nate Jackson? He was the Broncos wide receiver turned tight end from 2003-2008. In his 38 career games with the Broncos, Jackson had 27 catches for 240 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Jackson went undrafted in 2002 and he is currently a free agent. His last days playing football were spent with the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives, and his rights are still held by them.

Jackson has since started another career as a freelance writer. He writes for Slate magazine’s “Sports Nut” column and his a frequent contributor at Deadspin. In today’s Denver Post, Jackson wrote a column about John Fox being “brave” in terms of starting TIm Tebow.

"Broncos coach John Fox is, from the looks of it, not that kind of coach. He is a defensive specialist. He knows that the unpredictable quarterbacks are the most difficult to prepare for. That’s why Tebow is starting this week. Fox is ready to play jazz. And that is brave and admirable of him, and all too rare in the modern NFL.Every analyst that has defiled Tebow’s name on television is self-serving. He was a Heisman Trophy winner and two-time national champ at Florida, but he can’t play because why? Because ESPN’sMerril Hoge said so? – Nate Jackson (Denver Post)"

Give the article a read. Jackson talks about a good practice player vs. a good game player and why coaches are so hesitant to play the latter.

It’s a good analysis from a former player who played the game recently. Not from a guy like Merril Hoge who suited up in the 80’s and is only looking to boost his ego.

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