Eddie Royal Joins Brandon Lloyd On Broncos Trade Block


To shake up the Denver Broncos bye week even more, it’s been announced that Eddie Royal’s name has come up in trade talks.

Just a few days ago, the Broncos decided to put Brandon Lloyd up on the trade block.

With Kyle Orton’s benching, and major changes happening, Royal and Lloyd have been asked to be traded according to Adam Schefter.

The Patriots have shown interest in Lloyd while the Rams have taken an interest in Royal. There’s no surprise there. Lloyd knows how wide receivers play in the Patriots offense thanks to time with Josh McDaniels. Royal would again be paired with McDaniels since he if now the offensive coordinator for the Rams.

Perhaps the Broncos locker room is a little more divided than we think regarding Tim Tebow’s starting status.

The Broncos would be losing two of their most steady receivers over the past couple of years. In 22 games for the Broncos over the past three years, Lloyd has averaged 73.2 yards per game, and he led the league in receiving last year. Royal has over 2,000 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns in his four years with the Broncos. Royal has had to miss three games this season due to a groin injury.

Lloyd and Royal will be free agent after this season, and their agents are most likely trying to shop them while their numbers are still hot. With John Fox’s run-heavy offense and Tim Tebow’s willingness to run the ball himself, the Broncos receivers are liking going to see a drop in numbers simply because Tebow won’t be passing as much.

Are the Broncos doing the right thing by trying to trade Lloyd and Roayl before Tuesday’s trade deadline? The team is getting 2010’s first round draft pick Demaryius Thomas back, Eric Decker has proven that he is a starting receiver, and Matt Willis’s stock in increasing.

As McDaniels’s guys either hit the road or take a seat on the bench, it’s clear that the John Fox overhaul is in complete effect, even right in the middle of the season.

The rebuilding of the Broncos has made John Fox the most talked about architect in town.

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