Denver Bronco 2011 Bye Week – a Major Milestone!


Good morning Bronco fans and welcome to Week 6 of the 2011 NFL Season.  This is the week that we can safely predict the Broncos will not lose….. only because they are not playing.  This season the bye week has a somewhat different feel to it than the previous years because the Broncos are on the verge of a milestone in their teams’ history.  When the Broncos resume action next week in south Florida Tim Tebow will be the starting quarterback and in a sense will be starting his eleven game campaign to prove to the Bronco leadership that he is the player that can fill the shoes of QB1.  If Tim Tebow can’t do this, the Bronco brass will begin looking for the player they hope will lead the offense, as well as the entire team, as they attempt to restore consistent winning in the Mile High City!

As Bronco fans, it is disappointing on one hand that the team has sunken to this level but on the other hand, there is a glimmer of hope in the situation we find ourselves in because watching Tim Tebow is exciting.  Many unanswered questions remain regarding Tim Tebow and how long his reign will last in Colorado but one question was absolutely, unequivocally answered last week – Kyle Orton is not the player to lead this team.  As much excitement, thrills, and hope that Tebow brings to the game, the opposite seems to be the case with Kyle Orton.   No offense to Mr. Orton, but watching him play the last few games brought frustration, questions and doubts where the team was heading with him in charge.  Was this the pressure of the “fan driven Denver quarterback controversy” or was it Orton’s true colors surfacing?  I would imagine it was probably a bit of both.

Unfortunately, Kyle Orton’s name will eventually be added to the list of Denver Bronco Quarterbacks that did not measure up to the bar set by John Elway himself.  As Bronco fans, John Elway the quarterback spoiled us with his ability and I don’t think any Bronco fan will truly be satisfied until the team finds an adequate replacement.  Realizing this is not a realistic possibility because there will never be another John Elway, fans do expect to have a team, as well as a quarterback, that has the potential to lead us to a division championship, a conference championship, and ultimately a Super Bowl victory.  In my opinion, Kyle Orton lacks that ability.  Does Tim Tebow have that ability?  Only time will tell and the clock starts ticking for real next week.  Seven days and counting until Tebow Time!

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