Denver Broncos “Tebow Express”


By Jim Lyles

Earlier in the week John Fox named Tim Tebow the Broncos No. 1 man to lead the team’s struggling offense. The shift from pass first Kyle Orton to run first Tim Tebow is now official.

Broncos fans can anticipate the new look offense more weighted to support a ground attack. The Broncos average rushing attack will get a big boost with Tebow at quarterback because he is a gifted downfield runner. Tebow isn’t scared to tuck the ball under his arm and scamper up-field, dodging tacklers and lowering his shoulder. He sacrifices his body to gain the extra yards needed to move the chains.

The Broncos stable of running backs will capitalize from the added attention Tebow draws because defenses will have to respect Tebow’s scrambles.

The Broncos  pre-designed pass and run Tebow rollouts will make the hearts of secondaries beat rapidly.  They will need to figure out if they should stay in coverage  or anticipate the “Tebow Express.” That will leave them out of position to  sufficiently guard against either the run or the pass.

Defensive linemen will need additional oxygen chasing a surprising big but nimble Tebow all game long. Oxygen masks will again be quite visible along the sidelines for defenses visiting the Mile High City.

It’s not going to be a stroll in the park out there for Tebow and the Broncos. There are tweaks in his throwing mechanics that he still needs to make. Exchanges between center J.D. Walton and Tebow need to be a lot crisper. In addition, Tebow will need to be more adept at reading the defenses quicker. Likewise, his receivers and offensive line will need to be on the same page when plays break down and Tebow scrambles.

Tebow is going to see his share of blitzes and teams are going to load the line of scrimmage daring him to pass. The advantage to having Tebow is that when chaos ensues, his game only gets better. Opposing coaches will coach to tendencies, but when plays break down, it’s all up to the players on the field. That’s where Tebow has a leg up.

The memories of John Elway running sideline-to-sideline will be revisited with the nimble legs and downfield running abillity of Tebow. John Elway will likely be voicing a “that looks awfully familiar” as he watches the young quarterback run with the ball.

With the Broncos heading to Miami in week 7 to battle the Dolphins in the state that raised Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos are back on the map. Optimistic emotions are building to ridiculous levels. Excitement for a team with only one win is at an all-time high.

The “Tebow Express” has officially arrived in Denver and excitement un-boarded. Is it here to stay?

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