Fox, Tebow Talk About Broncos Change At QB


Broncos head coach John Fox was asked today what made him decide to go with Tim Tebow over Kyle Orton.

“1-4 has a lot to do with it,” Fox said. “We haven’t gotten it done as a football team. It’s not all Kyle Orton’s fault, but we do have to make adjustments, and we do have to change. We have to do something to win football games.”

Now that Tebow has his shot to succeed under the Fox regime, public expectations are high for the former Heisman winner and second year QB. Other people’s expectations are not something at the forefront of his mind, however.

“That’s something that I’ve never tried to do is live up to other people’s expectations of myself,” Tebow said. “I set high expectations for myself and I try to live up to them. That’s why I put pressure on myself everyday, that’s why I work hard because I have expectations for things that I want to accomplish.”

Much is being made of Tebow’s first start and the fact that he’s a different breed of NFL quarterback. That doesn’t mean that he’s incapable of performing though.

“It’s not like we signed him off the street,” Fox said. “He’s been in meetings the whole season. It’s next man up and we’ve done that before due to injury or due to changes, and we’ll do that the rest of the season.”

The next man up philosophy has put Kyle Orton in the position of the last man up. Tebow and Orton still have a good relationship despite the switch-up.

“Me and Kyle have a great relationship. I feel like I’ve got a great relationship with everybody in the locker room.”

It’s that kind of  support that Tebow will welcome with open arms.

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