Broncos, Tebow Have Work To Put In Before The Bye


For going into a bye week, Dove Valley is hopping right now. National media are in to cover the “Tebow transformation,” and practice has taken on more of a training camp feel.

The week off so early in the season gives the Broncos a chance to start anew if you will.

They are 1-4, and still have plenty of time to salvage the season. It’s the halftime of the season, where the team will look to see what went wrong in the first half and try to make corrections on the fly.

“You’re always evolving,” John Fox said during his Monday press conference. “Ideally, the bye week would be right in the middle of the season. It’s a chance to rest players, to heal players, take a break from the rigorousness of an NFL season.”

The Broncos will practice today and tomorrow before having four mandatory days off. The only action that the team’s training facility will see is that of injured players coming in for treatment and that of the coaching staff watching tape. Get the popcorn, candy, and nacho cheese fired up because eyes will be glued to the lighted screen watching just what has gone wrong in the Broncos first five games.

Before the team breaks for their bye, they will be going full force in installing the Tebow package. Obviously, the type of offense that Kyle Orton ran will not play to the Broncos’ strengths under Tim Tebow. We should expect to see more of a run-heavy offense coupled with a spread out passing game. The team will need to get creative with their play calling since Tebow isn’t the conventional QB that we see who sits in the pocket and comfortably takes snaps from under center. While that may be an issue, the advantage to starting Tebow is that other teams can’t prepare for him. It’s simply hard to prepare for the raw football talent and athleticism that he shows as a QB.

As the bye approaches, most guys will be taking the days off. Tebow, well, he’s just now stepping on the gas pedal.

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