Tim Tebow Lifts Teammates And Broncos’ Country


Denver Broncos’ fans have never been so happy walking out of Mile High after a loss to a divisional rival. Even though the San Diego Chargers beat the Broncos and led them into a bye week with a 1-4 record, the energy in Denver is high and hope is at the forefront.

It was all because John Fox and his staff looked down at their watches and determined that it was in fact Tebow Time. Kyle Orton was 6-for-13 for 34 yards and had an interception in one half of play. The Broncos only had 10 points up on the board because cornerback Cassius Vaughn had a pick-six and Matt Prater knocked a field goal through.

“Passing game wise, we didn’t do anything,” Orton said. “I’ve got to step up my play and the passing game has got to step up the play in general.”

The Broncos made the call right before the first half ended and offensive coordinator Mike McCoy told Tim Tebow that it was his time to shine as they ran into the locker room for halftime.

Tebow was put into the game at one of the worst possible times. The Broncos were up 23-10 and then fell behind by 16 points at the start of the fourth quarter. Then the flame was lit.

“I think Tim Tebow sparked the team today,” John Fox said. “He’s got some intangibles that I know as a coach, I like a lot.”

Tebow ran the ball in himself from 12 yards out and then Willis McGahee made good on the two-point conversion with a run up the middle.

“He came and gave us a spark. That’s Tim Tebow” McGahee said.

Then, the proverbial gloves came off. Within 8, Tebow and the Broncos threw down. Robert Ayers caused a Philip Rivers’ fumble and the Broncos had the ball back with about four minutes on the clock.

On a drop back, Tebow waited until the last minute to get the ball out of his hands and into the hands of Knowshon Moreno who took it to the house with a 28-yard touchdown run. Credit Chris Kuper for a sensational block on the play that allowed Moreno to get right in.

After a failed two-point conversion, time was the on the Chargers’ side. However, the Broncos did have one last gasp for air from about 30 yards out. Tebow fired a pass to the back of the endzone intended for Matthew Willis. In-com-plete. Game, set, match. Chargers may have won 29-24, but to get within two points after being down 16 in the fourth quarter, there’s good reason why fans leaving the stadium looked like they had just come from a day at the circus. Tim Tebow took center stage.

“I was just thankful for the opportunity, and wanted to try to make the most of it,” Tebow said.

He certainly made the most of his time, giving the fans a show highlighted by tenacity and passion, and giving his teammates a reason to keep fighting.

“The kid’s a fighter,” Elvis Dumervil said. “We always knew that. Give him credit. He came in and gave us a spark. We’ve just got to finish better.”

“He’s going to do everything it takes to win. We believe in him,” Joe Mays said.

With the backing of his teammates, how is the guy that he replaced feeling?

“Tim did a good job,” Orton said. “I thought the offense responded well and gave us a chance to win.”

Make no mistake about it. Tebow isn’t the “pretty” quarterback that Tom Brady is. He doesn’t have the patience to stand in the pocket comfortably like Peyton Manning does. He can’t handle the snap from under center like Drew Brees can. What he does have is the will to win, just like all of those other QBs who have Super Bowl rings.

Who will the Broncos be going with two weeks from now when the team plays in Miami? That has yet to be determined.

“We haven’t had a chance to watch the tape, Fox said. “We haven’t had a chance to watch the film. We haven’t had a chance to visit as a staff. We do need to improve offensively. It will all be up for discussion.”

The QB controversy has just revealed its ugly head once again. The thing is, advances can’t be made without controversy.

Welcome back to the drama.

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