Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Eventful Loss in Week 5


Some random thoughts from the loss to the Chargers yesterday (In no particular order):

  • For probably the first time in my life, I was not really bummed out after a Broncos loss. The game yesterday was really fun to watch, and even though I was disappointed with the outcome, it was so great to see some fire and emotion at Mile High Stadium again.
  • Tim Tebow Time is here! I do not know if Tebow will become a great quarterback, but I will tell you this; we were a better team yesterday when he was in the game. And we absolutely need to let him play so we can determine if we are going to draft a quarterback next April or not.
  • Kyle Orton played so poorly in the first half it was hard to believe. He had a QB rating of 21.0, 34-yards passing, and 1 horrible interception. But the thing that was really irritating is that he looked like he didn’t care. If we are going to lose, I would rather watch Tim Tebow go down with some fire than watch Orton mope around like he is at a funeral.
  • For the first time that I can remember, Knowshon Moreno showed some toughness and explosiveness. His touchdown catch late in the game was a moment I’ve been waiting for his entire career.
  • I was surprised Brandon Lloyd had such a tough game, but his catch on our last drive was spectacular and it allowed us to get into position for a throw into the endzone on the last play.
  • The Broncos are the worst team in the NFL over the last 31 games. Not only is that tremendously sobering, but it also tells me we have nowhere to go but up. We need to figure out our quarterback situation regardless of the outcome, and we need to keep building on this exciting rookie class.
  • I know I’ve been beating this drum every week, but Willis McGahee continues to impress. I figured yesterday would be the very type of game where he would struggle, but in fact he thrived. And for the first 2 quarters, he looked utterly alone out there. He was the only one on offense who looked like he wanted to fight for a win.
  • That same listless offense completely changed when Tebow came in. Whatever the reason, Tebow sparked that group. Maybe it was his leadership, maybe it was simply that any change would have sparked them, or maybe Orton is less of a leader and competitor than I had previously feared. Regardless, after Tebow came in, McGahee was suddenly not alone any more.
  • The Von Miller sack meter continues to climb. He is now at 5 sacks in his first 5 NFL games. Anyone else thinking Rookie of the Year?? It is with players like Miller that we will once again climb back to the top of the league.
  • John Fox needs to shore up the dumb mistakes like the critical penalties late in the game. The Broncos are not good enough to overcome those blunders so we have to be more disciplined moving forward.
  • The Malcolm Floyd touchdown right before halftime was a killer, and in the end it was the difference in the game. The offense was so inept it could not run out the final minute of the half, and then our defense blew a coverage. We have to stop allowing those big plays if we are going to have any chance.
  • As always, the crowd was great, especially in the 2nd half. Considering they have been the worst team in the league over the last 31 games, Denver still sells out their home games and Mile High is still unmatched when it gets rocking. When compared to a team like San Diego who can’t sell out games even when they’re winning, I am still very proud to be a member of Broncos Country!
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