Tebow Status Announcement Likely To Come On Tuesday


The timing is perfect.

The Broncos head into their bye week 1-4, and will prepare to take on a winless Miami Dolphins team. There’s a certain energy in the air. Yesterday’s loss didn’t feel like a loss. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the Broncos nearly came back from 16 down in the fourth quarter to beat the San Diego Chargers. Perhaps it’s because the “Chosen One” is about to be handed the reins of the Denver’s beloved Broncos. Maybe it’s because hope floats.

That’s what hope does. It gives Broncos fans a reason to hold their heads up despite being the AFC West’s last place team.

Nothing is official yet. John Fox is watching film today, and conducting practice tomorrow. Then it appears that he will announce who the starting QB will be come week at 7 at Miami.

The Broncos coaching staff will address everyone internally before they announce their decision to the public. When will Fox’s announcement hit the NFL wires?

“I’d say there would be a strong likelihood that we will address that tomorrow,” John Fox said.

After this season, the Broncos will have just one QB under contract. Tim Tebow is the only one written in stone beyond this season, but even that doesn’t guarantee a thing. Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn will likely take their Broncos uniforms off for the last time in January and welcome any suitors the other 31 NFL teams have to offer.

Starting Tebow now is the way to go. Give him at least 6 games to show what he can do. If he doesn’t stack up, throw Brady Quinn into the mix. At least then, the coaching staff would be given a fair assessment of what needs to happen in the off season.

Starting Tebow now would give him two weeks to prepare. He would work with starting center J.D. Walton under center, develop rapport with his receivers, and establish that connection with the starting offense that a QB needs to have.

Because Tebow is under a long term contract, it’s worth a shot to see if he is capable of being the Broncos franchise quarterback.

Ironically, the Dolphins will honor Tebow and the University of Florida Championship team during the week 7 match up.

For Tebow, his past, present, and future worlds could be colliding all in one afternoon. That is, if John Fox raises the orange curtain and gives Tebow the opportunity to put on a show.

Essentially, Tebow playing in Florida would give the Broncos home field advantage. What a formal welcome to the starting quarterback ranks that would be.

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