No. 2 Overall Pick Von Miller Pulled From Chargers Game


As the No. 2 overall draft pick, Von Miller has a lot of pressure on him. Teams are already taking note of what the Broncos leader in sacks is doing. If he isn’t taking the quarterback down, Miller is at least putting pressure on him to get rid of the ball quickly.

During yesterday’s loss to the San Diego Chargers, however, Miller was playing like the rookie that he is. He was pulled from the Broncos’ base defense in the first half because of missed assignments. He was replaced by Mario Haggan, a 9 year veteran.

Miller had two tackles and 1 sacks in the game.

“I didn’t play to the best of my potential,” Miller said.

The news of this switch was low-key compared to that of the quarterback change. However, Miller isn’t taking the move lightly.

I’m pretty disappointed with myself,” Miller said. “I’m going to come back tomorrow, keep working, keep taking steps forward to be the player, to be the team we want to be.”

You’ve got to love the rookie’s attitude.

No one was putting a stop to the Chargers’ run game. The Broncos gave up 206 rushing yards, with 125 of those yards going to Ryan Mathews. Missed tackles and missed assignments by everyone contributed to those numbers.

Was pulling the team’s sack leader the right move to make?

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