Tim Tebow Sparks Broncos In 29-24 Loss To Chargers


“You’re up” echoed from the Broncos’ locker room this Sunday afternoon. “I told you so” bellows from the Mile High skies this evening. Forget watching the sunset. People will be watching Tim Tebow highlights for the rest of the night.

In the Broncos’ locker room at halftime, Kyle Orton was told that he would not be playing in the second half. Instead, Tim Tebow was given the reins to a Broncos team that was down 23-10 mid-way through the game. Orton’s 34 yards on 6-for-13 passing and 1 interception (along with near others) gave John Fox the blinding green light to put the crowd’s favorite into the game.

After a completely scoreless third quarter and a Broncos offense that had put up just 3 points all day, Tim Tebow showed everyone that sometimes the heart and the legs of a quarterback are more important than his arm. Tebow literally ran the Broncos back into the game with a touchdown run from 12-yards out with 6:35 left in the fourth quarter. A two-point conversion followed bringing the Broncos back to within 8 points.

The crowd and the rest of the Broncos came back from the dead after that. Robert Ayers caused Philip Rivers to fumble on the next Chargers’ possession giving the Broncos the ball back in Chargers’ territory. Then Knowshon Moreno broke free after catching a Tebow pass and running 28 yards to the endzone, making the score 26-24. The Broncos couldn’t convert on the two-point conversion.

The Chargers looked like they were struck by their own Bolts. However, Philip Rivers kept the chains moving and used the clock to his advantage. Time proved to be the Broncos worst enemy in the end. The Chargers tacked on another 3 points and brought the play clock down to 28 seconds.

Had Tebow had more time to work with, perhaps the Broncos would have escaped defeat. Instead Tebow was left making a desperation throw to the back of the endzone as the clock read 0:00. He finished the day going 4-for-10 for 79 passing yards and a touchdown throw. He also had 6 carries for 36 yards and another score. His stat sheet was certainly nothing to write home about. However, Tebow was the guy who injected vigor and vitality into the Broncos’ veins. He gave them a chance to win in the end with his competitive spirit.

The Broncos may go into their bye week 1-4, but after today’s near comeback win, hope still has to remain in the locker room. It appears that the Broncos have found their bandage to cover what has become a long-standing gaping wound.

As fans, we would like to give the last two years two middle fingers instead of the Mile High salute. There’s the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and then there’s the changing of the QBs at Mile High.

Everyone awaits “The Drive: Part Two,” one that will take the Broncos from a below .500 team to playoff contenders.

It will happen. You can bet a No. 15 jersey on that.

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