Grading Kyle Orton Four Games In


Because the quarterback is the head of the beast for every NFL team, let’s take a look at the numbers. After all, they don’t lie.

The Broncos’ offense is ranked 22nd overall, and their passing offense is ranked 24th.

Of the 30 quarterbacks who have played in all four games thus far, Kyle Orton is:

-ranked 18th in QB rating (80.9)

-ranked 22nd in passing yards (945)

-ranked 20th in completion percentage (59.9%)

– ranked 6th in touchdowns (8)

-tied for 1st in interceptions (6)

-tied for 7th in fumbles lost (2)

However, perhaps the most important statistic is the Broncos 1-3 record a quarter of the way through the season.

Is Kyle Orton under a lot more pressure than usual to succeed?

“Not in any more pressure than all of us,” John Fox said after practice on Wednesday. “This is a production based business and it’s all about W’s and L’s. It’s not all about one person.”

That is absolutely true. All three of the Broncos losses can’t be pinned on Orton or any other one person. However, a team is a reflection of its quarterback, so a quarter of the way through the season, how would Orton grade himself?

“Not good enough. You’re 1-3, so not good enough,” Orton said. “I’m like a lot of guys on offense. We’ve done some good things, I’ve done some good things. I’ve got to limit my mistakes, limit the turnovers, and help us win.”

If the wins were piling up, the other numbers wouldn’t be such a focal point. With that said, it’s your turn to grade Orton’s performance thus far.

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