Willis McGahee Shines On For Broncos


On a team with a 1-3 record, it can be difficult to find the beams of light. Ranked 24th on offense and 23rd on defense, last season and this season appear to blend together for the Broncos. If they keep at their current pace, they will be 4-12 at season’s end, exactly where they were one year ago.

What a Mc-Disappointment.

To look at the Mc-Upside, the Broncos appear to be on the other side of a bad running game.

Trading one Mc (Josh McDaniels) for another Mc (Willis McGahee) has the Broncos’ offense more balanced.

Against the Packers’ 2nd ranked rush defense, Willis McGahee had 103 yards on 15 carries. Against the Bengals’ 7th ranked rush defense, he had 101 yards on 28 carries.

Knowshon Moreno is clearly No More. He had 4 yards on 2 carries against the Packers. McGahee is the guy who moves the chains consistently.

“We’re in a week to week or what have you done for me lately league,” John Fox said. “Right now I think it’s fair to say that Willis [McGahee] is that guy…His performance has been the proof.”

It looks like another one of Josh McDaniels’ draft picks goes up in flames, this time it’s the No. 12 overall pick from 2009.

McGahee came to Denver in the off season after spending three seasons with the Bills and four seasons with the Ravens. A former first round draft pick (23rd overall), McGahee has never averaged less than 3.8 yards per carry during his career. In his 8th year in the league, normally running backs would be cutting back on their carries. McGahee, however, still has plenty in the tank since he spent the better part of his years in Baltimore splitting carries with Ray Rice.

As the Broncos dissect their offense, they are realizing what they have in Willis McGahee.

Sometimes you don’t need to teach an old dog new tricks. You just have to put him in the right system.

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