Fox Looks Back On First Quarter Of Broncos Season


A quarter of the 2011 NFL season is already over. Moves fast, doesn’t it?

Reaching this point has given John Fox the perfect opportunity to look back and take stock all at once. The team looked back at Sunday’s game film all together to gain some perspective. Normally, the offensive guys watch the offense together, the defensive guys watch the defense together, and special teams will watch their film together. On Monday, however, everyone watched everything. The Broncos will do this every four games as the season moves a long.

Is 1-3 where the Broncos want to be at this point? Absolutely not. However, Fox realizes that patience is a virtue often overlooked in sports.

“All good things take time. We’re in that process and only four games into it,” Fox said Monday afternoon.

While all arrows point to a season set for the proverbial gutter, Fox says that the Broncos are steadily improving.

“There are a lot of positives,” Fox said. “Our penalties are way down after the first two weeks. I think third down, red area, we’re are in the top third in the league. We’re running the football much better than we did.”

The Broncos also have plenty of things to work on. The main thing is turnovers.

“One of the things that we need to clean up moving forward is the turnover ratio,” Fox said. “Look at the bottom of the league and we’re down there with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I don’t care how talented, how good, how you were a year ago, you’re at -6, -7, it’s tough sledding. That’s not all been on one position.”

It’s great that Fox isn’t waiting until midway through the season to see what is happening. A fire is best put out when it’s caught early.

“I have to do a better job as the head coach. Our coaches have to do a better job as assistant coaches, and our players have to do a better job. We all have to get better,” Fox said.

From his lips to the ears of the football gods.

The season moves on.

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