Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Big Loss in Week 4


Some random thoughts from the loss to the Packers yesterday (In no particular order):

  • The Packers outclassed us in almost every way possible over the span of a 60 minute football game. You have to give them credit, there is a reason they are the defending champions, but it was pretty disheartening to see how far away we are right now.
  • We have some impactful players on our team who can make a difference on the field. The only problem is that they are outnumbered by the impact players on the other team. The talent gap between us and the best is blatantly obvious. That is years and years of bad drafts and personnel decisions rearing its ugly head. Every single decision that Josh McDaniels made seems to haunt us fans every single day. Even the Tim Tebow situation, regardless of where you stand, tries the patience of the fan base on a daily basis, and that is all McDaniels.
  • Von Miller and Eric Decker are guys to build around for the future. Seeing flashes of brilliance from those young guys was the only reason I watched every play of that game even when it became almost unbearable.
  • The lone Tebow play was just weird. They bring him in to change it up and be creative, and then they have him run it up the gut? There has to be something better in the playbook, right? And even if they do stay with the vanilla play calling, they absolutely have to give him at least a handful of snaps to get a rhythm going and maybe open it up a bit, right? And when we’re getting blown out late in the game, he definitely gets to come in and play during garbage time, right??
  • Willis McGahee finished with 103-yards rushing and has the look of a #1 running back. The Knowshon Moreno arc seems to be nearing its end, and it looks like he will be the change of pace guy from here on out.
  • That was a classic Kyle Orton game if I’ve ever seen one. Fails in the red zone early, struggles until all hope is pretty much lost, looks like Tom Brady for 2 series, comes back down to earth with turnovers and poor throws, and at the end of the game the stat line doesn’t actually look that bad. The broken record is starting to drive me nuts. I understand this team has holes all over the field, but I can’t take this “Kyle Orton give us the best chance to win” argument any longer.
  • We need Champ Bailey on the field, period. Especially with his big price tag.
  • If you count the onside kick, we committed 5 turnovers yesterday, including 3 Orton interceptions. I understand that the defense has to take some blame because they let Aaron Rodgers go through them like a sieve, but we need our offense to help them out a little bit. 5 turnovers in a single game is absolutely unacceptable at any level of football.
  • Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, that guy is too good for words. I am absolutely jealous of the Packers, and I am so ready to find our version of Rodgers. It is actually a little unfair if you ask me. They go from Brett Favre straight to Rodgers, and we follow up John Elway with Bubby Brister, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, etc. etc. I’m going to go slam my head into the wall now. (This goes to show that we still have to put some of the blame for our downfall on Mike Shanahan’s shoulders)
  • There is officially 1 more week in the season for the Broncos. If they can beat the San Diego Chargers at home next weekend we will have some hope and some good feelings for the rest of the year, but lose and the season is undoubtedly over and we start talking about the Andrew Luck lottery. Go Broncos!
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