Broncos Thought Packers’ Game Was Within Reach


The Denver Broncos are probably waking up with a little bit of a football hangover this morning. A total of 72 points up on the scoreboard is enough football action to give anyone the spins.

The surprising part of the game yesterday was how the Broncos made it a game right until just before halftime. The team was down just four points with less than a minute remaining in the half. In the third quarter, the Packers broke it wide open, but there was still a point where the Broncos thought they could steal the game back.

“I remember being in the huddle in the third quarter, and saying to myself, ‘it’s not that bad, get a touchdown, get a stop, get another touchdown,’ Brandon Lloyd said. “I felt like we were on a roll offensively. We were being productive in the pass game, we were being productive in the run game. In the third quarter, I did feel like we had a chance to get the game within reach.”

Against any other team, the Broncos probably could have stopped the offensive bleeding. The Packers aren’t like any other team, however.

“We haven’t played an offense like this to date,” John Fox said. “That’s not being offensive to anybody that we’ve played, but they’re pretty special.”

The Broncos offense was keeping pace at certain points, but the defense just couldn’t contain Aaron Rodgers who ended up being responsible for six touchdowns.

“You just can’t give these guys anything. They’re too good of a football team. We gave them too much and they put us away,” Kyle Orton said.

The Broncos return home to host the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. Being a divisional game, it’s a contest that essentially counts twice. Being a game with the Broncos at 1-3, it essentially counts as a must win.

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