Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Week 3 Loss (And Kyle Orton)


Some random thoughts from the loss to the Titans yesterday (In no particular order):

  • 46.2: Kyle Orton’s quarterback rating the last two years on possessions that began in the last 10 minutes of regulation when trailing by eight points or less. (
  • ORTON: Since Week 1 of 2010, has only led the Broncos to one touchdown in 11 drives when trailing by eight points or less in the last 10 minutes of regulation. (
  • If that doesn’t prove my Anti-Elway theory, nothing will.
  • For the 3rd week in a row, the defense played good enough to win. And they did it without Champ Bailey or Elvis Dumervil in the lineup. Yes, they gave up a monster drive for a touchdown in crunch time, and that is unacceptable. But that was the only big drive they gave up in the entire game. If Kyle Orton isn’t pathetic in crunch time, we at least go to overtime yesterday. The team has no chance to win ball games if the offense can only muster 14 points in today’s NFL.
  • I do not know if Tim Tebow is the answer to our questions at quarterback. But let me tell you what I do know: Kyle Orton is definitely not the answer! Regardless of where you fall on the Tebow/Orton debate, at this point it is irrefutable that Orton is not the guy. Let’s find out once and for all if Tebow is or isn’t the future for this team. If he is, we are all better off. If he isn’t, we are all better off because we know for a fact that the QB of the future is not on the roster and we can move on. Wanting to see Tebow play does not necessarily make me pro-Tebow, it makes me anti-Orton. Big difference in my opinion.
  • Nowadays in the NFL, a league that is completely dominated by the play of your quarterback, you absolutely need a guy who can rise up in crunch time and win a football game. A clutch quarterback can cover up weaknesses in your roster or make up for your defense if they happen to give up a huge drive late in the game. Look at Peyton Manning and the Colts. Do you think the exceptional play of Manning has made up for deficiencies elsewhere on that team over the last decade?? Of course! If your quarterback can’t make clutch plays, you have to play nearly perfect football in all other facets of the game. That is impossible to ask of almost any team, especially one who is “rebuilding” like the Broncos.
  • Even with my opinion about his play, I will still cheer for Orton if the Broncos keep trotting him out onto the field. After all, I am a Broncos fan first and foremost. But if we keep losing, I am going to get worked up about it. My prediction is that if the Broncos hit the bye week at 1-4, we may see some changes at QB.
  • I would have rather seen us take the field goal in the 4th and goal situation yesterday. When points are so valuable to a team who can’t move the ball consistently, you need to take them when you have the chance. A 7 point lead would have been huge at that point of the game.
  • But with that being said, I wasn’t angry when John Fox sent the offense back on the field. If we would have gotten the touchdown there, the game is over and we are heralding Fox this morning. What does make me angry is the play call. A third straight run right up the gut? With the Titans keying on the predictable run, a play-action would have had a great chance in that situation. Unfortunately, the conservative play call failed miserably in that situation like it has a tendency to do.
  • How come any time the opposing quarterback just heaves up a prayer when he’s under pressure against Denver it seems to get answered?? I counted at least 2 ridiculous throws by Matt Hasselbeck yesterday that could have very easily been picked off, but ended in a big gain or a 3rd down conversion for the Titans.
  • I am very pleased to see that Willis McGahee got most of the work at running back yesterday. I know he is not the most explosive back and he didn’t have an amazing game, but he brings a little stability and consistency to the position.
  • I like Eric Decker more and more every week. It’s nice to see the Broncos hit on a mid-round draft pick; we need more of that going forward.
  • We still need another draft or 2 to strengthen our lineup in the trenches. On both sides of the ball, we need to be more physical. Being able to punish the other team in the trenches and wear them down is a huge advantage (See: Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders). Also, it may help when we decide to run it up the gut on 4th and goal late in the game.
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