John Fox Maintains That He Has No Regrets Against Titans


The Broncos can be 3-0 or they can be 0-3 as John Fox pointed out today during his press conference. In their 1-2 start, the team has lost two games by three points, and won one game by 2 points. They don’t come much closer than that.

John Fox likes the way the team is looking, but he’s not thrilled with the results.

“I’m encouraged from the standpoint I think we’ve gotten better every week,” Fox said. “The health of our football team hasn’t gone quite as nicely as I would’ve liked.”

Even so, yesterday’s loss was like a paper cut. It hurt a lot more than say a blowout loss would have. Frankly, it’s easy to look back on one play and critique the decision, the play call, and the personnel on the field when a game is that close.

At fourth-and-goal from the 2-yard line, the Broncos couldn’t punch it in and take an 11-point lead. Instead, they were stopped short and the Titans took it a long 95 yards for the game winning score.

Every orange-blooded fan has an opinion on this play. Either we’re happy Coach Fox decided to go for it or we’re not. We either like the play call – a run – or we don’t. We either like the players on the field at the time or we don’t.

Fox said that if the same situation arose next week, he would go for it again. However, that doesn’t mean that it would be a run up the middle.

“We have to coach it better, we have to execute it better,” Fox said. “We’re still learning about our team.”

Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post asked Fox if there are any packages designed for Tim Tebow in a situation like that. After all, that’s what a majority of the fans want to see. They want Tebow in at the goal line because of the success he had in the red zone last year.

“Without announcing things competitively, we’ve practice a lot of that,” Fox said of Tebow packages.

Coach Fox says that the team considered all of their options in that fourth-and-goal situation, including an option for Tebow. However, they decided not to go with that package.

Fox knows that fans have their opinions, but he cautions on placing too much blame on one player.

“At the end of the day, it’s on all of us. It’s not on one guy. It’s not on the quarterback,” Fox said. “Not one guy has got us where we are.”

Maybe that’s the problem.

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