Broncos Must Re-Group In A Hurry


There are only 16 guaranteed games for each team in the NFL. That’s why capitalizing on opportunity is important. The Broncos are realizing after a close loss to Tennessee that had they done things just a little bit better, they would be 2-1 instead of 1-2.

“The locker room right now – we’re sick to our stomachs,” Wesley Woodyard said.

It wasn’t until the final half of the fourth quarter that the Broncos lost control of the reins. They had the Titans where they wanted them, but with a large momentum shift, it became the Titans game to lose.

“It’s real frustrating,” Brian Dawkins said. “Hopefully, everybody is just as frustrated as I am or even more that we allowed this team to stay around.”

In previous years, the Broncos had become so used to playing catch up at the end of games that perhaps the newness of holding a lead was too much for them yesterday.

With many starters still out, the Broncos weren’t expected to give the Titans a competitive game. Had Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumvervil played, the scoreboard might be singing a different tune instead of the same sorry one we heard last year.

The team now must go into the home of the defending Super Bowl champion Packers and re-group.

If character is built through sports, consider the Broncos on a one-way train to the mecca of character building – Green Bay.

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