Broncos vs. Titans: Things To Watch

  • It’s an early kickoff for a team that normally starts their games at 2:00 or 2:15 p.m. MST. Let’s see if the Broncos can get their legs moving and have a strong first half.
  • Keep an eye out for how well Denver clogs the box. Chris Johnson who has averaged 2.3 yards per carry this season is waiting for a vulnerable run defense.
  • While field goals are nice, they don’t carry much weight on the road. When the team is working with a short field, see if they can convert in the red zone.
  • Willis McGahee will likely get more carries than Knowshon Moreno because of his breakout performance last week. This is Moreno’s first game back after sitting out last week with a hamstring injury.
  • Brandon Lloyd makes his return as well. With the Titans having a strong secondary, let’s see how the Lloyd-Decker combo will work.
  • Will Coach Fox call an even more of a conservative game on the road? His first two games at home have been rather tame. Will he look to run the ball even more?
  • Let’s see how the Broncos respond to “Code Blue.” Code Blue is the Titan’s version of “Orange Day.” The fans will be dressed in blue and even more amped to give the visiting team hell.
  • Watch for how the Broncos’ secondary handles Kenny Britt. Britt is on fire as of late and should take advantage of a young secondary should Champ Bailey not be playing.
  • Stopping the run first is key if the Broncos want to employ their pass rush. With Elvis Dumervil out, Robert Ayers has got to step up and put some pressure on Matt Hasselbeck.
  • Can the Broncos respond on the road if they fall behind?

Check back in later for more gameday coverage.