Broncos Play Well Despite Loss To Titans


The Tennessee Titans were itching to hand a win over to the Denver Broncos. Eleven penalties for 80 yards said so.

The Broncos had just one penalty for 15 yards, yet lady luck couldn’t help that situation out in the end.

Looking at the Broncos defeating loss today, it seemed as though they were in control of the game. They held the Titans’ run game to 38 yards. Kenny Britt was lost to injury which can usually throw a team off when one of their stars goes down. The Titans fumbled deep in their own territory, giving the Broncos a chance at the endzone right after taking a 14-10 lead.

It’s funny how one stop, or in this case four stops can rally a team. Once the Titans canned the Broncos fourth-and-goal effort from the 1-yard line and took it 95 yards for a score, Code Blue went into effect.

Playing on your home field has a distinct advantage in a situation like that.

“I thought as a team we did a lot of good things, played hard, played for each other,” Kyle Orton said after the game.

The problem was the Broncos fell just a play short, a yard short, and three points short.

Orton is right. The team played well and they played hard. It was one of the more enjoyable games to watch because the Broncos didn’t kick themselves when they were down. It was the Titans that beat them, not themselves.

Going 8-for-15 on third down is a good conversion rate. One penalty in 60 minutes of play shows that their heads were right where they needed to be. Forcing fumbles shows aggressiveness. Even getting into it with the Titans after the play was blowin’ dead shows how badly they wanted to win and make a statement.

The result may get a failing grade, but the effort gets an ‘A’.

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