Broncos Explain Rahim Moore’s Responsibilities


The last line of defense against Kenny Britt and the Titans passing offense is all in a rookie’s hands. Just one year ago, Rahim Moore was going to classes and playing football for UCLA. Now Rahim Moore is playing free safety for one of the NFL teams that needs their defense to improve the most.

Just one year ago, Dennis Allen was the secondary coach for the New Orleans Saints. If there’s one defensive area most at the surface of his coaching mind, it’s his conception of how to play the secondary.

Allen sets his free safeties back further than most teams in the league do.

“The philosophy is trying to limit explosive plays,” Allen said after practice Friday. “We play our free safety a little bit deeper than most people. His job is to make sure everyone else can stay aggressive, and keep the ball from going over our head.”

Is Allen’s reasoning to set Moore back based on his lack of experience in the NFL?

“No. As he (Moore) does get more experience, he’ll be more aggressive,” Allen said. “At the same time, that’s our general philosophy for that guy in that position.”

In his first two career games, Moore has 8 total tackles. Not too bad for one of the most difficult positions to play in football.

“You have to make the most adjustments back there in the secondary,” Allen said. “The further you move away from the ball, the more things you’ve got to be able to see.”

Moore is certainly on a learning curve right now and as his experience grows, so will his explosiveness.

For now, he makes touchdown saving tackles. In the future, the hope is there that he will become skilled at creating


Moore turnovers.

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