Broncos vs. Titans: Inside The Villain’s Venue


This week we have Brandon Clark, editor of Titan Sized, the best Titans’ site out there. Brandon was kind enough to stop by and answer some questions I had for him about the team that he knows best. Check out Titan Sized prior to Sunday’s game to see what’s going on with the Titans.

Now let’s go Inside the Villain’s Venue with Titan Sized.

Which Titans team is a better representative of the organization? The team that we saw lose to the Jaguars in week 1 or the team that handedly beat the Ravens in week 2?

Not to get too Zen here (because I’ll make myself laugh), I have to believe that there is a balance. However, we can know that this team will only get better at running the football throughout the season, which forces the defense to be run-oriented in practice. Look for this team to run the ball and stop the run well with an occasional outbreak from Matthew Hasselbeck and the passing game.

Breaking apart the Ravens defense is no easy task. Do you expect the Titans to have more offensive success against the Broncos?

I expect offensive success, but not necessarily the same form. The Broncos are notorious for not being able to stop the run. I see the Titans keying in on that this week, but not in a one-dimensional fashion. The Titans know they can throw the ball no, so look for a good mixture that eventually leads toward the hotter hand, passing or running.

Champ Bailey or Kenny Britt? Who wins that battle assuming Bailey is healthy enough to play. 

I’m no rookie to watching football and Champ Bailey was the first cornerback I ever paid attention to. He was better in his prime than Darrelle Revis is now. Unfortunately, Bailey doesn’t run as fast as he used to and Britt seems to have gotten faster since he entered the league. I would have to vote Britt, but it would be interesting if they put the #2 corner along with a safety on Britt, allowing Bailey to rid the field of whichever other receiver they decide.

What is the Titans’ biggest area of weakness right now? 

Right now it doesn’t seem as though the Titans have a weakness that glares. Heading into the season, there were a number of issues that made me nervous: run-blocking, receiving (outside Britt), Hasselbeck getting some timing with the wideouts, and pass-rush. The only things to watch now are the offensive line and rookie OLB Akeem Ayers. Ayers can improve in coverage, but he does look sharp everywhere else and I believe he can be real special. Now, the run-blocking on the offensive line is just an issue. Chris Johnson doesn’t have as much room to run the ball as he should. The Titans regular starting fullback is out the next 2 games with a performance-enhancing suspension (including this Sundays game). The Titans now have a gigantic 260-lber at fullback to help block for CJ or Javon Ringer. The problem is that he hasn’t been on the team an entire month yet. You can see how that causes problems.

What’s your prediction for Sunday’s game?

My magic 8 ball told me to shake again and I gave up after that. However, I have to lean toward the Titans, even though I’m one of the few out there that support Kyle Orton as a quarterback. I really think he can win some games for Denver, I just don’t think he will be brought back after this year. Nothing looks great from the outside and the Titans are on Cloud 9 after beating a good Baltimore team. I think the Broncos are going to have their hands full when the game starts.

A big thanks to Brandon for spending time with us.

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