Kyle Orton To Face Cortland Finnegan Again


The Broncos lone highlight on the road last year was in Tennessee. It was the only road game that they won, and they did it thanks in large part to the defense holding Chris Johnson to 53 rushing yards.

They also did it because Kyle Orton was able to pick apart a very aggressive Titans defense. He went 35-for-50 for 341 yards and 2 TDs. His play made post-game highlights, but so did his commentary on Titans’ cornerback Cortland Finnegan.

"“You always hear about how tough they are and all that stuff,” Orton said. “I don’t think they are tough. I think they are cheap, and it was one of the cheapest games that I’ve ever seen out of some of those players. I thought the refs did a good job of keeping it under control.” […]“It’s ridiculous,” Orton said. “If that is the type of player Cortland Finnegan wants to be, then he is a cheap player — he is not a good player.” – Kyle Orton (Shutdown Corner)"

This time around, Orton is playing it low-key when discussing Finnegan.

“It was a good game, he’s a good player,” Orton said. “They like to play a physical style of football. It will be a hard hitting game for 60 minutes.”

John Fox is well aware of the dialogue between Orton and Finnegan, but Fox has respect for the opposing corner.

“I think Cortland Finnegan is a good player,” Fox said. “He’s a competitor. He’s aggressive. It takes all those qualities to play this game.”

Its not just Finnegan that plays an aggressive style of defense. From the defensive line, in which they rotate 8 guys, to the secondary, the Titans are one of the most disruptive teams in the league.

“They’re a good defensive football team. It will be a tough test for our offense to travel to a tough place, play a good defense, and do whatever we have to do to win,” Orton said.

This isn’t said much, but here’s hoping for a repeat of last season.

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