Broncos Leave Ahead Of Time To Deal With Early Kickoff


As you tuck your Bronco-filled brains into bed tonight, let’s quickly examine the relationship between the Broncos and sleep/time-zone change.

John Fox has decided to leave for this road trip one day early. Normally, the Broncos would take off on Saturday for a Sunday game, but because the team is playing an 11:00 a.m. game (12:00 p.m. Tennessee time), the team has made some adjustments to their travel schedule.

“These guys operate on body clock,” Fox said. “To get that sleep after a time change, and getting used to an early wake-up for an early kickoff, I’ve found it to be more beneficial to go a day early.”

Whenever the Broncos play at home they kickoff at about 2:00 p.m., so getting their bodies ready earlier after a day of traveling could prove to be difficult. Thus, the Broncos will conduct a normal practice on Friday and then board the team plane for Nashville.

This is especially beneficial to some of the younger players as they are still getting used to an NFL schedule. For Brian Dakwins, however, he is ready to go anytime.

“I’ve jumped around a whole bunch, night games to Thursday games to early games,” Dawkins said. “You kind of develop a pattern for how you want to do things to get yourself ready to play on each time schedule, and so I’m pretty good with that.”

While the Broncos adjust their body clock, they must remember that there’s no snooze button on a team that wants to win.

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