Tim Tebow To See More Time At Receiver?


The Denver Broncos are battered and bruised, but blissful after walking away with a 24-22 win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

While the Broncos rejoiced after a game well-won yesterday, the team got bad news today when they found out that Eddie Royal and Julius Thomas would be out at least two weeks with a strained groin and a high ankle sprain, respectively.

John Fox’s game board is starting to look more like a chess board as the season rolls on. How will he adjust the offense with just two healthy wide receivers and one tight end? Who will be ready to catch balls in week three? Who will Fox bring up from the practice squad?

When Tim Tebow trotted onto the field yesterday afternoon, the fans cheered but it was not for “Tebow the quarterback.” It was for “Tebow the wide receiver.”

According to sources, Tebow practiced at the wide receiver position prior to the Raiders game. Before the Bengals game, he asked if he could get more practice in at receiver with the scout team.

Despite the work in practice, it was evident that Tebow was not the Broncos’ first or second option. He was merely a distraction for the Bengals.

“I’m going to do whatever I can to help the team,” Tebow said. “If they ask me to go out there and run some routes and block some people, I’ll go do it.”

Was there a possibility that Kyle Orton could have thrown the ball to Tebow?

“I would’ve, we talked about it throughout the week and before the game,” Orton said. “We talked about it, but we were never really in one of those situations.”

In college, Tebow didn’t have a single reception in his four-year career. The Broncos didn’t care about that statistic before throwing him into the mix.

“I will say this, he’s a very competitive guy,” Fox said. “A very mentally tough guy. He’s got excellent football character, so he can probably line up a lot of different places.”

There’s one certain place fans would love to see him line up, but that will not happen anytime soon.

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