Thoughts on the Denver Broncos Thrilling Victory in Week 2


Some random thoughts from the narrow victory over the Cincinnati Bengals yesterday (In no particular order):

The Broncos snapped a 23-game losing streak when they have a -2 or worse turnover ratio. Glad the streak is over, but if we are going to beat any team of merit we need to win the turnover battle. We are simply not good enough to routinely overcome turnovers.

  • The penalties absolutely killed us yesterday. And it wasn’t just the volume, 7 penalties for 55 yards, it was the timing. The penalty on rookie Chris Harris during Britton Colquitt’s 81-yard punt late in the 4th quarter was calamitous. Add in the late holding calls to go with our inept offense during the endgame, and it was a downright miracle that we were able to hold on.
  • Still, even with all the things working against us, the Denver Broncos gutted it out and walked away with a big home victory. Regardless of how it happens, that makes for a great Sunday afternoon in my book.
    • I have to give a lot of credit to the 2nd stringers. I skewered them during the preseason, but they absolutely stepped it up yesterday. I was floored by the defensive effort considering Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey were sidelined with injuries (among others). Holding Cedric Benson to less than 60-yards rushing was quite a feat.
    • As long as we’re talking about injuries, what is going on here?? By the time the game was over we were down 10 players by my count, and many of them starters. Hopefully Steve “The Greek” Antonopulos can get the horde of injured guys back on the field in a hurry.
    • The crowd and the atmosphere were fantastic. Broncos Country really impressed (Same comment as last week). But this time the effort on the field was worthy, and the fans were rewarded.
    • The Shannon Sharpe halftime speech gave me goose bumps. It was very cool that Denver found a way to win on the day he was honored with his Hall of Fame ring. Winning just seems to follow that guy around.
    • Although many of us knew Eric Decker had some serious potential, he announced it to the rest of the league yesterday. What a fantastic effort; and we needed it with Brandon Lloyd out with injury. If he doesn’t fumble it away after one of his long completions, it would have been a perfect day for him.
    • I for one think Willis McGahee needs to be the guy going forward. Whatever we changed yesterday in the running game, it worked. I say keep it going even after Knowshon Moreno gets healthy again.
    •  You have to give credit to Kyle Orton for his strong effort yesterday (111.2 QB rating), but the offense still faltered late when all we need was a first down or 2 to salt it away. That obviously isn’t all on Orton, but I would love to see a little bit of a killer instinct from the guy.
    • At least for one Monday, we can all wake up with a smile on our face and talk about a Broncos victory! Here’s to hoping we see a lot more in 2011.

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