Denver Broncos Rookie Debut


There’s no dancing around the fact that after week one, the Broncos need some work, as was expected coming into the season.  Despite the lack of run support to a struggling Kyle Orton (who is and SHOULD BE) the starter for the time being, I liked what I saw. Mainly on the defensive side, the team seems to have taken a step in the right direction even though they allowed the second most rushing yards opening weekend with Oakland‘s Darren McFadden and company gaining 190 yds. on the ground. But it’s not the stats that I’m impressed with, it’s the play of the rookies; namely Von Miller and Rahim Moore

On Oakland’s first play from scrimmage, Miller earned his signing bonus forcing a Jacoby Ford fumble and giving the Broncos a short field to work with. From then on he seemed to always have at least somewhat of an impact if he was on the field. He may not have made the tackle, but he still made the play. He ended the game with a solid 5 tackles – 3 solo – and that forced fumble, a pretty solid day in most’s opinion.

Rahim Moore, while in and out with injuries, still managed to be the productive 2nd rounder that was he was expected to be. He ended the game with a fumble recovery (courtesy of Miller), 4 total tackles and as a part of a secondary that ranked 2nd on opening weekend in passing yards allowed. This compliments the heavy run game, but still, something to hang his hat on for the week.

If production like this keeps up and Champ Bailey and Elvis Dumervil get healthy quickly, then the Broncos might have a better defense then expected this year.