Broncos vs. Bengals: Inside The Villain’s Venue


Every week we will take a trip to the opposition’s grounds, and interview the editor of the FanSided blog that covers that team.

This week, I asked Cody Byers of some questions pertaining to the Cincinnati Bengals. Cody is the go-to expert on all things Bengals, so make sure to check out his site prior to Sunday’s game.

Let’s go Inside the Villain’s Venue with Stripe Hype. 

Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco? Do fans miss them or are they ready to move on from that era?

They missed them at first, but with how things ended with both, most fans are glad to move on. Having the next in line already on the roster make it a lot easier to move on.

Is Andy Dalton the real deal?

Honestly it’s a little too earlier to claim anything yet. But he had a great first outing. Sure it was the Browns but at the same time it’s one of the harshest environments for the team. He also made it through his 1st game without turning it over, something that is a rarity among 1st games.

Is there a way to stop Cedric Benson?

Sure there is, crowd the box. Ced’s doing what he usually does with some decent blocking. Given the fact that Cleveland doesn’t have the talent in the box that Denver does it’s hard to say Ced is guaranteed to have similar success.

What is the Bengals biggest area of weakness right now? 

The biggest areas of weakness is unknown at the moment. It was looking like on paper to be the DT position or maybe OL but it look alright last week. I won’t be able to tell what’s really the biggest area of weakness till later.

Is there anything the team didn’t address in the off season that could come back to haunt them?

Honestly the Bengals did what they needed to bring players into Cincinnati. They played the waiver wire great, they brought in depth at corner back and safety by trading a backup DT and 2013 7th round pick for Kelly Jennings & Taylor Mays respectively. It wasn’t a perfect offseason but they made enough moves to help progress as a team.

What’s your prediction for Sunday’s game?

The Bengals QB situation is a tricky one this week. With Andy Dalton going day to day with a wrist injury, I can see two different outcomes. With Dalton starting I can see the Bengals win by 3.  With Gradkowski I believe the Broncos win by 7.

A big thanks to Cody for spending some time with us.