Broncos Big Stars Nursing Injuries


There’s approximately $44 million sitting on the Denver Broncos practice sidelines these days. It comes in the form of Elvis Dumervil, Champ Bailey, Brandon Lloyd, and Knowshon Moreno body parts.

The Broncos emerged from their 23-20 defeat against the Raiders with more ice packs than rushing yards. Strains, pulls, and pain are in their vocabulary more than sacks, pylons, and playoffs these days.

The Broncos were without four of the biggest names on their roster on Wednesday. No one is rushing Dumervil into anything as the team would like to see him at 100% a week or two from now rather than at 60-70% all season. He will likely miss Sunday’s game against the Bengals with a strained shoulder.

Champ Bailey and Knowshon Moreno are hanging in the strained hamstring clubhouse. They are doubtful at best.

Brandon Lloyd is nuring a strained groin and is also doubtful for Sunday’s Jungle showdown.

All four men have strains of some variety. According to the world-renown Steadman Hawkins Clinic,

"Sprains involve the tissues that connect bones together (ligaments).  Strains involve a different group of tissues, muscles and the tendons that connect muscles to bones.  Mild sprains and strains can heal with rest and home care.  Significant sprains and strains may require rehabilitation, surgery, or both. – Steadman Hawkins Clinic"

If the strains were more serious, the Broncos most likely would have made a roster move Tuesday or Wednesday, elevating players up from the practice squad. That has yet to happen.

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