Tebow Trending As Broncos’ First Loss Is In The Books


A good quarterback will take a little more share of the blame, and a little less than his share of the credit. There is no “I” in team, but a football team must bring in the “W’s” for the QB to get an easy ride out of the locker room’s media frenzy.

“It’s sickening to have happen to you,” Kyle Orton said of the wet balling slipping out of his hands.

Is that an innocent bystander talking or is that one of the leaders of this Denver Broncos football team?

The “Te-bow” chants rang loudly from the congregation orange and blue seats, mostly because when things aren’t going the Broncos way, it’s easiest to blame the guy who touches the ball on every offensive play. Does it make it right, however?

Woody Paige thinks the fans can cheer for whoever they would like. They pay good money to see their team play, and when the team can’t pull out wins, the fans are allowed to express displeasure.

Paige also said,

"During training camp, Orton told a local radio station that the last two seasons were the best of his career, and also said to reporters, “I’m playing the best football of my career.” Then, he added, “all I’ll do is let my play speak for itself.” – Woody Paige (Denver Post)"

Orton’s play is speaking for itself. His individual stats can be impressive at times, but the big picture featuring losses, speaks for the entire organization.

With Kyle Orton as the starter, the Broncos have won 11 out of 30 games. Yes, his best career completion percentages have been in Denver, but as fans leave Mile High Stadium after a loss, that’s not what they’re thinking.

After just one game in 2011, John Fox is already hearing talk of quarterback change up. Fox is ignoring it for now, but he won’t be able to if losses pile up higher than the dirty pads on the floor in the Broncos locker room after a game.

The Broncos showed many problems on Monday Night that perhaps were the result of a 16-day layoff. The the way things played out, however, it looked like they took an 8 month layoff, picking up right where they left off in January. No run defense, an inability to run the ball themselves, and kicking themselves when they’re down highlighted what happened on the national stage.

While Fox maintains that Kyle Orton is this team’s quarterback, his confidence in the veteran QB is not helping the faith of Broncos Country.

Something big happened when Josh McDaniels selected Tim Tebow with the 25th overall pick in the 2010 draft. A certain aspect of hope was being fished for in Denver. Now, hope is on the bench and fans are trying to dangle the bait over Fox’s head, to see if he will bite and throw Tebow a line.

If things continue the way they did on Monday Night, fans will really be bleeding orange after hitting their heads against the wall.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “As our case is new, we must think and act anew.”

Are the Broncos ready for a change?