Orton Counters Criticism, Broncos Move On


Kyle Orton reacted to recent criticism from certain media outlets and from fans. Many have suggested that Tim Tebow should get his shot at quarterback because Orton is not helping the Broncos win.

“I’m not going to sit here and waste my time answering questions about it,” Orton said after Wednesday’s practice. “His opinion [John Fox’s] and my teammates’ opinion will always be the one that matters.”

So what does John Fox think about the harsh commentary surrounding Orton?

“Life’s not fair. At the end of the day, he’ll bounce back. I have all the confidence in the world in him,” Fox said.

With that said, we move on to the next game. The Broncos host the Cincinnati Bengals in a week 2 matchup that puts two 0-1 teams up against each other.

Often times, teams that have not yet won a game are the most dangerous to go up against. After all, no one wants to be 2011’s version of the ’08 Detroit Lions.

Coach Fox is not too concerned yet.

“Just because you have a bad start doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad race,” Fox said.

Great. Now that the Broncos are on leg No. 2 of a 16+ stage race, what do they have to look forward too?

“They [The Bengals] have a good front four, but they really rotate 6, 7, 8 guys in there, so they’ve got a good front 8 that cause a lot of pressure on the quarterback,” Orton said. “We’ve got out work cut out for us.”

The Broncos offense has taken a hit on the injury front with Knowshon Moreno and Brandon Lloyd listed as day-to-day. That doesn’t concern Fox and Orton as they explain that the Broncos have a next-man-up approach.

The Broncos do have a lot of talent on that side of the ball, but their execution admittedly needs work.

“As an offense, we’ve got to help Mike McCoy [offensive coordinator] out a little bit and stay in second down situations where we can run the ball,” Orton said.

With hopes of a more balanced offense against the Bengals, Orton and Co. should be able to put more than 20 points up on the board. Points may have been left out on the field in week one, but confidence remains in the locker room.

“We know what type of an offense we have in this room,” Orton said. “We have a lot of confidence. That hasn’t changed off of one week.”

Onwards and upwards, the Broncos move ahead.

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