Champ Bailey Frustrated With Week One Play Against Raiders


There’s a reason why Champ Bailey decided to stay a Denver Bronco. He was honestly excited about having a defensive-minded head coach in the building.

While every player on the roster is disappointed with last night’s loss, it might effect Bailey more than others. Bailey signed a four-year deal that would effectively put him in a position to retire a Denver Bronco. At 32 years old, all he wants to do is win. The veteran’s legs only go so far, and as a very accomplished player, Bailey has yet to attain a Super Bowl win.

That’s why a performance that was reminiscent of last season is so discouraging.

“Regardless of the lockout, we had a tough training camp preparing for this game,” Bailey said.

The defense gave up 150 yards to Darren McFadden, and an additional 30 to Michael Bush. While  it seems like the Raiders have their hands all in Denver’s playbook, the Broncos have given their rival the weaponry to do the hurting.

“It’s all about us. They’re a good football team, but we do so many things to help them win these games,” Bailey said. “They’re going to exploit every weakness or every mistake we make. You can’t give them anything.”

The Broncos gave them 91 yards on 10 penalties, 1 bad pass for an interception, 2 fumbles, and 5 sacks.

“We have to learn from out mistakes, be penalty free, and win the officiating battle,” safety Rahim Moore acknowledged.

Even a rookie knows that much.

While this is just one game down in a very long season, fans appear to be worried. They’re worried because a new regime was brought in from top to bottom and they were promised a new era of great Broncos football.

So far, all we’ve seen is a sub-par start and the same troubles as last year.

For someone like Bailey or Brian Dawkins who have limited time on their NFL clock, the new era needs to begin now.

“In with the new and out with the old” applies to the Broncos new winning philosophy. Someone send that memo down the line.

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