Broncos’ Mike McCoy Finds Familiarity With Fox


Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy has lived many different NFL lives, but just like non-football life, everything comes full circle.

McCoy was one of very few assistant coaches to maintain his current position with the Broncos during the McDaniels-to-Fox switchover. There are a couple of reasons why the Broncos front office deemed McCoy still the right man for the job.

The Broncos had one side of the offense going really well last season. The team was ranked 7th in passing and if they could have improved their run game, they would have had one of the top offenses in the league.

That and John Fox was very familiar with McCoy. Before coming to Denver under the Josh McDaniels’ regimen, McCoy coached under Fox in Carolina for seven seasons.

McCoy’s coaching career looks like it will be a pass offense sandwich.

Coach Fox loves to run the football. That was the name of the game when McCoy was in Carolina, so when he came to Denver, he had to switch gears and adapt to McDaniels’ pass heavy offense. Now that Fox is in Denver, McCoy will have to adjust back to a more balanced attack that features a lot of running.

“We’re going to commit to the run,” Mike McCoy said. “You have to run the football in this game to win.”

While a one-dimensional team will never win games in the long haul, the Broncos offense knows that it must adjust to what defenses throw at them.

“I know the way he (Coach Fox) is and I know what he wants to do as an offense, and what he wants to do is score points. There’s going to be come weeks where we might run it 40 times, there’s some weeks where we’re going to have to throw it 40 times,” McCoy said.

That’s a big change from last season when the Broncos threw the ball about 61% of the time. The change is also very evident in that now McCoy actually gets to call the plays (McDaniels took on that role as head coach during his two year tenure).

Even though McCoy is in the same position, working with a lot of the same players, the nature of this team has changed.

“Each year, the team takes on a different personality,” John Fox said.

McCoy buys into Fox’s statement.

“We’ve got a new football team this year, and the future is now.”

Yes, the future is now and now it’s time to win.

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