Kyle Orton Likes Broncos Offense, But Needs Balance


As good a field goal kicker as Matt Prater is, it’s hard to watch him trot out onto the field when the Broncos are in the red zone. We saw that many times last season. The Broncos offense was great at working with a long field, but as soon as it shortened, so did the play book options for the pass-heavy offense.

“I don’t think you can live trying to throw fades and everything into the endzone on a consistent basis,” Kyle Orton said. “We’ll have to find ways to run the ball into the endzone. When they decide to load the box and pressure us, that’s when we’ll hit them outside with wide receivers.”

Once the run game shows that it can be productive all over the field, the play fake will be that much more effective, allowing the team to use more plays from their playbook in a shortened field.

The play action pass looked pretty good in preseason according to Orton.

“We did a pretty good job play action passing. Hopefully with a little more commitment to the run and a little bit more production out of the run game, you would hope that those holes even get bigger.”

As far as the offense goes, we’ve only seen a short preview of what the Broncos are capable of. It’s hard to assess just how good an offense is in limited preseason action.

“Everybody saves a good portion of their offense for the first few games,” Orton said. “Our base offense is in, and we expect to go out there and run those plays against anybody and have success.”

It’s true that the Broncos have a lot of individual talent on offense, particularly at receiver with reigning league-leading receiver Brandon Lloyd, Eddie RoyalEric Decker, and soon enough, Demaryius Thomas.

“We’ve got good talent on offense. We’ve got good talent outside where if we get into one-on-one match-ups, we’ll take that every day against anybody that we play against,” Orton said.

Orton has proven that he can move the ball down field effectively. Now it’s time to balance his production with the run game. If the team gets that going, I’ll take the the Broncos offense one-on-one against any defense in the league.

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