Broncos Ground Game More Than Moreno


There’s still an aura around Knowshon Moreno. It may be that he was 2009’s No. 12 overall draft pick. It may be because he’s supposed to revive the Broncos notorious ground game. It could be because we know that the key to success is actually getting started.

The fans want More from Moreno. It’s not an outrageous request, but is the request for an improved ground game being directed in the right direction?

In Moreno’s first two years in the league, he averaged 3.8 yards and 4.3 yards, respectively. He has a total of 12 career rushing touchdowns and 5 receiving touchdowns. However, the Broncos were still ranked 26th in rushing yards per game last season and 17th in 2009.

While people are excited about the fact that Moreno now looks like The Hulk’s partner in crime and that he averaged 4.9 yards per carry (20 carries) in three preseason games, are we sure that he’s going to activate a pulse in the Broncos running game?

A few things will play into our decision. Is he going to stay healthy? Will the offensive line stay healthy and carry out their potential as blockers? Will Willis McGahee carry enough weight on his shoulders to take part of the load off of Moreno’s?

Just because a team has a strong rushing attack, it doesn’t ensure success. Look at the top four rushing teams (Chiefs, Raiders, Jaguars, Jets) at the end of 2010. Just two of those teams (Chiefs, Jets) made the playoffs. However, a strong rushing game brings balance to the Broncos offense as they already have a heavy-duty passing game.

As Moreno enters his make-or-break year as far as being a draft bust goes, just keep in mind that more factors than a single back play into a team’s ground success.

However, Moreno must now be in, well, be in a rush to contribute to Denver’s once storied rushing attack.

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