Raiders On Broncos Radar


It’s Raider week. The Broncos may not have a game on Sunday, but after a day off today, the team will be in full preparation to host the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football. An opening game doesn’t get any bigger than that.

Last time the boys in black and silver visited Mile High, they Broncos gave up 59 points, 328 rushing yards, and 508 total yards. It was Sunday October 24, 2010, but the date should have more appropriately read Friday the 13th. Things were just amiss from the start. That also marked the start of the end for Josh McDaniels.

Now with defense on the mind, John Fox will make sure an embarrassing home loss like that never happens again during his tenure. The Broncos coach was so hesitant to bring in new personnel after training camp ended, citing that he didn’t want to have to retrain new players after his own players had just gone through five weeks of training.

The one exception he made was bringing in cornerback Jonathan Wilhite from the New England Patriots. Wilhite doesn’t expect any special coaching just because he’s the new guy.

“Coach stresses one main thing and that’s everything is done fast and physical,” Wilhite said. “There’s no room to ease in. You’ve just got to go in 100% and learn on the go.”

Fox likes the 53 men he has on his roster now. He will have to if his goal is to advance to post season play.

With the roster set and week one less than one week away, the Broncos have set out to sea, looking for smooth waters, steady wins, and soothing wins.

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