New QB On Broncos Radar


The man of the late night hour was Adam Weber. Who?

Here in Denver, we talk about our first-string QB, our second-string QB, and even our third-string QB. As the fourth-string QB, Weber appeared to be feeling left out, so in his limited time on the field, he made sure his name made it into the record books.

Adam Weber may not have a job come Saturday afternoon, but the undrafted rookie quarterback out of Minnesota sure played like he wanted to keep one.

In the Broncos 26-7 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, Weber entered the game late in the fourth quarter. As soon as he took his first snap in the NFL, he fell like a ton of brick after being sacked for a 9-yard loss. Welcome to the big leagues, boy. Then, like a made-for-TV movie, the young gun dusted himself off, and made a pass to Eron Riley who ran 89 yards down the field. With mere seconds remaining, Weber, looking for his first NFL touchdown, took the ball himself and nearly got into the endzone with no time left on the game clock. Cue the sappy music, and pan to an astonished crowd.

“He made a great play, a great throw,” Brady Quinn said. “Then at the end of the game, I really thought he got in. I don’t know what the refs were looking at. I think it was a touchdown.”

Just like that, Weber’s career as a Bronco is likely over before it even got started.

“You’ve got to go out there and have a couple of series, show you can make reads, manage the game,” Weber said after the game. “I was happy to get out there. Sitting there, I was getting kind of anxious. I don’t think there’s enough out there. One pass isn’t enough.”

Weber’s late game heroics may not be enough to make the Broncos roster, but that doesn’t mean that his NFL career is over.

“I think the good thing is a lot of these guys that won’t be here, I think they’re going to make it somewhere else,” Tim Tebow said.

That doesn’t matter to the players as they’re sitting in front of John Fox on Saturday morning after being told to pack their bags.

“You never feel comfortable having to fire 27 people,” Fox said.

Just like that, the Broncos roster will be down to 53 men, and just like that, Adam Weber’s time in the Bronco spotlight will be just a memory.

Welcome to the regular season, fans.

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