Getting To Know The Arizona Cardinals


To get a feel for the Broncos last preseason opponent, I looked to Fansided’s resident Cardinals blogger, Scott Allen, of Raising Zona. He took some time out to answer questions about the team’s off season changes.

The Cardinals are coming off of a 5-win season. How many wins do you predict with Kevin Kolb at the helm. 

I still say 10 given their schedule.

Kyle Orton and Larry Fitzgerald worked out together this off season. Who got the better end of that deal?

Orton.  He got to throw to a caliber of receiver he can only hope to have up in Denver.

What were key areas of concern the Cardinals addressed during the offseason?

Quarterback first and foremost.  It’s a quarterback driven league and they took care of that need immediately.

4. Is there anything the team didn’t address that could come back to haunt them?

A decent pass rush.  There is still concern the Cards lack the depth on the defensive line to consistently place pressure on the opposing quarterback.

5. Will the starters play at all against the Broncos?

Probably the usual for the most meaningless game of the entire season/preseason.  So, like maybe a couple of series.  Some of them may go just a little longer, but this year there are more players to cut after game four, so I would say if they play, it won’t be for very long.

6. Obviously it’s meaningless, but what’s your prediction for the game?

Denver 38 Arizona 10

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