Fox Becoming More Familiar With Talent As Broncos Preseason Progresses


Preseason games are just preseason games, right? Wrong.

The Broncos still hope to win in preseason even though all kinds of personnel combinations are out on the field.

Yes, these four game help the coaching staff evaluate where the team needs improvement, and they help determine who makes the roster, but winning the game is still the goal.

“I was a little disappointed in our first outing, at least the end of it,” John Fox said. “I was more impressed with our progress in the second outing.”

The third game of the preseason is typically marked by the starters playing into the third quarter. This is to help them get used to coming out after halftime and playing another half of football on tired legs.

As we watch from our stadium seats and from our couches, it’s easy to criticize what we see on the field or what we hear from the media, but make no mistake about it. John Fox is playing the people who he thinks will help this team succeed the most.

“We’re in a performance based business so I’ll know a little bit more after this Saturday night,” Fox said.

Side note: Kyle Orton left today’s practice for personal reasons leaving both Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn to take reps with the first string offense. Orton and his wife are expecting their first child, but there’s no word on if his departure was related to that.

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