Joe Montana Gives His Take On Tebow, Throwing Motion


It seems like everyone involved with the sport of professional football has given their two cents about Tim Tebow, and most of them have been critical of the second year Denver Broncos quarterback.  But sometimes, you hear an opinion that isn’t so negative.

Today on The Dan Patrick Show, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana gave his opinion on Tebow and his much debated throwing motion.

"“If you look at what he did in college, he played in one of the toughest divisions there was . . . He had success throwing the ball. He got it away in time. I don’t remember a lot of balls knocked down at the line of scrimmage . . .“If you change the thing that really made the guy you take away from his ability to play the game, because now he’s thinking about his delivery as opposed to playing the game and throwing the ball on time, and that’s what it’s all about.“If you can throw it accurately and on time, I don’t care what your delivery looks like. Don’t change his delivery. Get his feet right, because he’s never taken a snap from under center. Let’s work on that part and see how the rest goes.” – Joe Montana on The Dan Patrick Show"

It’s nice to know at least someone has something positive to say about Tebow.  And unlike most of Tebow’s doubters, it’s someone who actually knows what its like to play quarterback in the NFL.  Imagine that.

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