Tebow Time Slipping Away In Denver?


If you remember back to the final game of the 2010 season last January, the Broncos hosted the San Diego Chargers in a thrilling, but meaningless game. The Chargers came away with the 33-28 victory, but the Mile High thin air was filled with hope. Why? Tim Tebow appeared to be the Broncos future franchise quarterback. In this particular game, he almost led the team to a second straight fourth quarter comeback after scoring a touchdown and pulling the Broncos to within five points with 25 seconds left. A little luck was lost as the onside kick was unsuccessful. That put the cap on one of the worst and most emotional seasons in Broncos history.

In the off season, we assumed that Tebow was going to be the Broncos starting quarterback, but as front office and coaching changes were made, seeing No. 15 under center wasn’t such a sure thing. As training camp started, reports emerged that Tebow wasn’t performing nearly as well as Kyle Orton. Now, we see Tebow falling to the number three spot on the Broncos tumultuous quarterback roster.

Tebow’s story is one of ups and downs. This is not to say that Tebow will never be the Broncos starting quarterback, but with a slip down the roster and breaking news of Kyle Orton being named the starter for the team’s Monday Night opener against the Raiders, people are starting to wonder. Will Tebow ever get his chance in Denver or will someone else be willing to make a solid trade offer for him?

It took a while for Aaron Rodgers to get his chance. He was in the biggest shadow of them all in Green Bay where Brett Favre practically ran the city. Rodgers was a first round pick (24th overall) in the 2005 draft and had to wait in the wings for Favre to retire. While Orton isn’t Favre, it’s a similar situation for Tebow.

All the young quarterback can do now is continue to work his tail off in practice, embrace QB coach Adam Gase’s advice, and make the most of his opportunities when he is on the field. His time will come.

Rodgers showed us that someone who can master patience can master everything else. Tebow may have to learn the same lesson.

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