Tim Tebow Fully Engaged In Improving


The life and times of a quarterback are never easy. Tim Tebow has been reminded of that his entire life. From his rookie year all the way to his second year, there has never been as big a spotlight on a quarterback who doesn’t even start for his team.

Another Broncos’ training camp wrapped up and one last autograph session concluded as fans piled out of Dove Valley this morning. Tim Tebow was still on the field working on his five-step drop and throwing passes into the corner of the endzone.

The show is now behind closed doors, but practice won’t change much for the second-year QB.

“It’s the same. We’re just not at a hotel now. It doesn’t make a difference to me,” Tebow said.

The team’s second preseason game and home opener takes place this Saturday at


Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and one thing is certain. The fans want more Tebow.

“I have no idea what to expect as far as reps go,” Tebow said. “You try to be ready when your number is called and go out there and do what you can.”

Looking to improve upon last week’s performance (6-for-7, 91 yards), Tebow says that he has a lot to work on.

“Number one is to try and put the offense in the end zone. Last week, we had to settle for two field goals so try and improve on that. Try to be accurate with my passes, get away from center, make all the right reads. I want to be a great leader out there, be someone the guys want to play for,” Tebow said.

It’s evident that Tebow gives it his all every time he steps onto the field. In one of the craziest preseason plays yet, Tebow scrambled just before halftime of the Dallas game, tip-toeing the sideline and running back across the field to finally make a pass. It was the most talked about play of the night and it didn’t even count.

“I got fined for it because there were three penalties in one play. I knew no matter what happened we would be in field goal range,” Tebow said to justify his effort.

However, if there’s one thing he doesn’t have to justify, it’s his effort.

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