The Denver Broncos Are Born


On August 14, 1959 Bob Howsam was awarded a charter franchise for the American Football League, marking the beginning of the Denver Broncos.  In other words, the Denver Bronco organization turns 52 years old today.  After being denied an NFL team by the NFL owners, who were lead by Chicago Bears owner George Halas, Howsam teamed up with four others and started the AFL, which began play in 1960.  To celebrate this very important date in Bronco history, I’ve inserted a link to view all the Bronco logos and helmets throughout the years, as well as, links to various websites pertaining to the history of the Denver Broncos and the American Football League.

Happy Birthday to the Denver Broncos!

Denver Bronco logos and helmets:

Denver Bronco history:

American Football League history:

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