Tebow and Religion Always Stir Up Strong Reactions


There’s something about Tim Tebow that evokes strong reactions. For most people, it’s either an “I love him, he’s a great quarterback” response or it’s an “He will never succeed in the NFL, and I can’t wait for him to fail” response.

Why is that? The people that do not care for Tebow always seem to throw religion into their reasoning for not liking the guy.

Jennifer Floyd Engel wrote a column for Fox Sports trying to explain this phenomenon and how it ties into his faith.

"My message actually is just a question: Why? What about Tebow brings out such meanness in us?Because this seems strangely personal, like some folks want him to fail, just to be able to ask, “Where’s your Messiah now?” — also seen on Twitter on Thursday. I have seen columns already calling him a failure, predicting his imminent demise, detailing why he fails, ripping his practice, his preparation, telling missionaries to save a seat for him because he’ll be joining them soon, questioning if maybe God wants him to be a backup. His Christianity and his performance linked together, both used as punch lines. – Jennifer Floyd Engel (Fox Sports)"

Read the rest of her article here. 

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