NFL Football: It’s Not Just A Game


You could argue that baseball was America’s past time, but now football is America’s past time.

A packed stadium, a warm brat, a Goodyear blimp overhead, and a the clashing of shoulder pads speak volumes on Sundays.

Every week, family and friends gather around a television or pack into a car to head to a stadium and spend time together routing on their favorite team. It’s the equivalent to an Italian family dinner. All are welcome so long as a curse word doesn’t bother your ears.

Canton, Ohio was a very special place this weekend. It was a place where families and friends gathered to honor the sport and to cheer on their teams’ best players.

Jerry Jones made his way up to the press box during the enshrinement ceremony and spoke of the importance of this weekend for the league and its fans.

“It grounds a football fan and a sports fan…It reminds me of how young this game is,” Jones said.

Jones revealed that Michael Irvin’s wish for every rookie in the league is to have them attend the enshrinement ceremony before they start contributing to their teams.

It’s that captivating of a ceremony.

The weekend is about showing appreciation to the sport. It’s about uncovering the sport’s history, enjoying the present, and looking forward to the future.

So for the father who was tossing the football around with his son (both dressed in Marshall Faulk jerseys) during the enshrinement ceremony, try telling him that this isn’t America’s sport.

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