Broncos Defense Building Steam


On paper, Denver’s defense looks like it could disturb some good offenses. With the defensive line set, Denver’s defense could look downright chilling.

That’s a different take considering how the Broncos ended the 2010 season. Ranked last in the league in points allowed and in sacks, there are three guys in particular who are expected to help turn the Broncos defense around.

Elvis Dumervil returns in good health and a 14 pounds heavier to help accommodate his move from outside linebacker to defensive end in the 4-3. Dumervil returns after sitting out the entire season due to a torn pectoral muscle. He was the league’s leading sack man in 2009 when he finished with 17 sacks.

The Broncos high prize in the draft and the guy who is taking on the role of “Robin” to Dumervil’s “Batman” is none other than left linebacker Von Miller. He may look more like Clark Kent with those think rimmed glasses, but Miller is an excellent sidekick after a stellar college career at Texas A&M.

“I’m Robin and we’re here to save the day,” Miller said during Tuesday’s press conference. “He’s Batman and I’m Robin. Robin had to save Batman a couple of times too.”

The guy most happy about Dumervil’s return and Miller’s arrival is 3rd year defensive end Robert Ayers. Ayers was drafted 18th overall in 2009, and has yet to make a major impact on defense because he’s been forced to play out of his area of expertise.

“I might be the most excited person on the team about that (A Dumervil-Ayers combo). It’s going to allow me to do the things that I’m good at, the things that I’m most familiar with,” Ayers said Tuesday.

The Broncos are aligning their pieces to turn the defense from Orange Mush to Orange Crush once again.

Backing up these big three is the other big three: Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, and D.J. Williams.

The cards are coming together to build a full deck. The next step is signing veteran interior defensive linemen during free agency.

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