The Lockout Is Over: What It Means To This Broncos’ Fan


It’s official. There will be a full NFL season in 2011! Thanks to many hours spent in meetings and in courtrooms, the NFL’s owners and players are in agreement and a new CBA was voted on, putting off any more labor issues until 2021.

While it was frustrating to hear the daily battles between the two sides, and downright scary to think of no NFL season at all, we can finally move on to the important issues surrounding the sport, and more specifically, surrounding our team.

Free agency is in full swing. Months of action will be crammed into mere days as training camp begins soon.

The Broncos will be going after a big-name free agent running back. John Fox has said that he’s making the running game the number one priority in free agency.

Fox will also be addressing the team’s needs at defensive tackle during free agency.

As is widely known throughout the country, the quarterback competition is wide open. In one corner, we have the returning veteran starter in Kyle Orton who had a break-out season last year. In the other corner, we have the young and athletic Heismann winner in Tim Tebow whose competitive fire can be seen from outer space. In the final corner, we have a one-time starting QB in Brady Quinn who is the clear underdog in this competition.

The story lines are endless, and there’s much to be done before the start of the season, but for this Broncos fan, I’m just grateful that the lockout is over.

It means smelling the medical tape and the Gatorade at training camp.

It means seeing small children smile when they get their football signed after practice.

It means thinking that a Bronco Brat is always a great pre-game meal at Invesco.

It means being surrounded by the Ring of Fame.

It means putting a dent into your couch on a Sunday afternoon.

It means F-16 flyovers.

It means hearing the clash of football pads and seeing chunks of grass fly up from under cleats.

It means cheering for the Broncos with a loved one by your side.

It means hating the colors red, black, and light blue for 17 straight weeks.

It means dressing for a day in the Sahara Desert only to dress for the Arctic three weeks later.

It means having respect for Rocky Mountain Thunder and Blue and Orange sunsets.

It means being happy it’s Monday because your team is playing that evening.

It means large plates of nachos, wings, and burgers.

It means touchdown dances in the endzone.

It means the sport we love is back!

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