Turning The Broncos Past Into The Present


You know how you feel that rush creep up on you before the holiday season? There’s that something in the air, that anticipating that the chaos is about to ensue. There’s also comfort in knowing that lifelong memories will be made.

While there won’t be a big guy in a red suit sliding down the chimney any time soon, there will be Denver’s big guy in a business suit sliding into his chair at Dove Valley very soon.

We hear the word “close” on a daily basis. The NFL is close to a new CBA. Training camp is close to opening. The season is close to starting. Close, close, close. The day that a new CBA is signed is the day that pigskin shaped fireworks go off all around the country.

We often hear that the great thing about saying goodbye is the opportunity to say hello again. NFL football has been gone for far to long, and I think I speak for most fans when I say that my arms are extended for a sweet embrace with the sport and with the team that I love.

If you take visual inventory in the Denver area, stores are displaying more Broncos gear in their windows, plans are being made to attend training camp, and the orange and blue sunsets have been closing out Colorado days with a stunning allure.

While it may be 95-degrees here in Denver, visions of crisp fall football laden days dance in my head.

Broncos football is about ready to open a new set of doors. No, the team didn’t move their headquarters or relocate their stadium, but they do have new leadership. However, at the same time they are opening up some doors from the distant past.

John Elway will once again be the face of the organization as he attempts to rebuild a ship that once Mc-crumbled. Can his leadership and competitiveness bring the team back to the Super Bowl in the near future?

Orange Crush defense could once again fire up the south stands. Dennis Allen’s focus is scoring on defense, and if you ask the Packers how that worked out, they’ll tell you it was a fine plan of attack.

A new young mobile quarterback with a cannon arm is out to prove his critics wrong. Seeing a little bit of Elway in Tim Tebow isn’t such a bad thing.

John Fox expects a lot out of the running game. The run game was a major strength when Mike Shanahan was taking his team deep into the playoffs.

Past and present story lines and strategies are criss-crossing. Here’s to the past becoming the present.

If saying an emotional goodbye makes room for an exciting hello, then we’re in luck.

When we said a sad goodbye to Elway as our quarterback, perhaps that meant that we were in for an exhilarating hello at a later date.

That date is upon us. Hello, Mr. Elway. Good to see you again.

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