Tebow Talks Training And Preparing For His Second Year


The NFL lockout has been in the news a lot lately because it is most likely ending this week. That will send teams scrambling during a shortened free agent period, and it will force teams to sign their rookies without much time before the start of training camp. Without a doubt, a new CBA will bring short term chaos, but long term enthusiasm.

The lockout has also brought about a slew of unknowns for many teams. For the Broncos, who will be starting quarterback during week one is anybody’s guess. That’s because there’s a wide open competition for starting QB.

Tim Tebow went on ESPN Chicago to talk about his off season training regimen and his developing relationship with John Elway among other things.

"What are you doing these days getting yourself ready hopefully for an upcoming NFL season?“Well maybe just a little bit different training [previous joke pertaining to Rocky IV training scene in Russia], not running up any mountains in the snow or yelling out ‘Drago!’ I am training pretty hard just working with my receivers and offensive line and getting in reps and getting the timing down with them consistently trying to work on everything that I feel I need to, to be ready to try and help lead this team and score touchdowns.”Is this a great unknown for you because of the lockout? Because of the quarterback situation? You really don’t know what you’ll be getting in a new head coach as well?“I don’t think it’s a big unknown because I think the one thing I do know is that I’ll be able to go in there and compete, and that’s exciting for me and that’s all I’m focused on. That’s all I’m worried about you know when this does end we’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna compete and I’m gonna be ready for that opportunity and show all the work that I’ve put in this off season and that’s kind of what I’m focused on.” – Sports Radio Interviews"

To read more of the interview and to listen to it, go here. 

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